Storage Court

A top to bottom brand refresh for this up and coming chain of self-storage facilities.

A loosely connected group of independent Self-Storage facilities formerly known as Mr. Van Gard needed to fall in line and get with the times to build their brand. The tired old keystone cop had to be forced into retirement.

Storage Court, a name already in use by one of the eleven locations was chosen to go forward, however some locations were fiercely independent, and wanted to keep their existing names. So unique versions of each location’s logo were created as well as the tagline, “Your Neighborhood Self-Storage” to help solidify that independence.

Color schemes were created to again, adapt to specific owners’ desires. A second tagline, “Proud Member of the Storage Court Family” was created to help tie in those locations who did not adopt the Storage Court name.


  • Brand Refresh
  • Project Management
  • Collateral
  • Graphic Standards